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"Essentially the camera makes everyone a tourist in other people's reality and eventually in one's own."
--Susan Sontag, On Photography

I am a photographer because the process of making images provides the opportunity to stare at people and examine the human condition for a much longer time than otherwise would be socially acceptable.  For me, carrying a camera is a way to be fully alive in the world and a good excuse to engage with new people.  I started as a voyeur with a long lens, and over time have moved to shorter focal lengths which requires me to get close and make contact.  As I get closer, I can enter their world more fully and experience their human condition.  Over time, I feel that I am seeing more with my heart and eyes, and less with my analytical, technical mind.  By making exposures of others, I find myself exposing things deep inside me, first to myself, and ultimately to the viewer of my images.  When it is successful, the artistic process infuses the objective, "just the facts" documentary with just a bit of lyricism, in which the emotions, aspirations, and interpretations of the photographer and the viewer come into play.  I enjoy returning to my subjects to provide a physical print which captures the moment in time that we spent together.



1983          B.A. Economics, summa cum laude, Yale University, New Haven, CT.
1986          M.B.A. Stanford Graduate School of Business, Palo Alto, CA.

Oct, 2015    1st Place--Portrait, Maine Media Creative Storytelling, Peter Hurley, Juror.

Feb, 2017     Visions of Cuba, Fototeca de Cuba, Havana, Cuba.
Sep, 2016     Return to Cuba: In the Footsteps of Walker Evans, PhoPA Gallery, Portland, ME.
July, 2016     Return to Cuba: In the Footsteps of Walker Evans, Maine Media Gallery, Rockport, ME.
Nov, 2015    Solo ExhibitionCuba: In the Footsteps of Walker Evans, Roland Park Place, Baltimore, MD.

1984              Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.